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Kids Ride-On Electric Toy Cars

Get ready to impress your kids with their very first electric car adventure! We've got a wide selection of battery-operated ride ons that range from cool licensed sports car replicas to awesome ATVs and trucks. So, go ahead and pick the toy vehicle of your kid's dreams!

A Wide Selection of Thrilling Ride Ons

Our lineup of kids’ electric cars include a vibrant range of styles, colours and sizes, perfect for kids aged 3 to 8. Nothing beats the excitement of surprising your little one with a shiny new toy car from our collection! Watch as young car enthusiasts light up with joy as they hit the road in our licensed ride on replicas, featuring iconic brands like Mercedes, Audi, Maserati, BMW and more.

These pint-sized wonders boast the same sleek allure as the real deal, delivering endless fun for kids through electric-powered rides. And what's more, some models even come with a remote control override, adding an extra dose of protection and peace for parents' minds.

A Gift to Remember

On the hunt for an unforgettable gift? Why not an electric mini car to really make an impression? Our ride on cars come alive with working doors, headlights and a steering wheel that make the driving experience feel just like the real deal, sparking a blaze of imaginative adventures in kids!

At home, the possibilities are endless as kids engineer their own excitement with the immersive imaginative play our ride ons can provide. So, whether it's Christmas morning, a birthday bash or just a random day that calls for a smile, our kids' ride on cars are the ticket to pure, unadulterated joy!

Reap the Benefits

Our electric ride ons aren't just about having a cool car to ride around with — it's a treasure trove of benefits for toddlers and young kids. It's like a fun developmental package, helping them fine-tune necessary motor skills, boosting their spatial awareness, sharpening their sense of direction, and even fostering a healthy dose of independence.

Frequently Asked Questions

The age range for kids' ride ons can vary. Generally, our Kahuna ride ons are designed for children aged 3 to 8 years old. Before purchasing, it's important to check the recommended age range specified by the specific model you purchased.

We have two types of kids' ride ons available — pedal-powered ride ons and battery-powered ride ons. For most families, electric ride ons are a popular choice, as they have plenty of developmental benefits for children.

Discover the thrill of luxury and excitement with our licensed ride ons modeled after renowned brands like Audi, Mercedes Benz, Lamborghini, and more! We also have a selection of pedal go-karts available.

When children are using ride ons, ensuring safety is crucial. Here are some important precautions to follow:

  • Always supervise children while they are using ride ons. 
  • Ensure that the ride on is age-appropriate and the child can handle it safely.
  • Check for any potential hazards in the riding area, such as obstacles or uneven terrain.
  • Teach children to wear appropriate safety gear, such as helmets, knee pads and elbow pads. 
  • Make sure the ride on is used in a safe and designated area, away from traffic or other potential dangers.
  • Follow the manufacturer's guidelines for assembly, maintenance, and usage of the ride on.

Well, it depends. Some ride ons, such as smaller tricycles or ride on toys, are designed for indoor use. Others, particularly battery-powered or electric-powered ride ons, are often designed for outdoor use due to their size and capability to navigate various terrains. Always check the manufacturer's specifications to make sure a particular ride on is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Kahuna Shopping FAQs

Shipping Information

We offer nationwide shipping for our kid's ride ons, covering major cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. Additionally, we extend our delivery service to most regional areas. Our deliveries are generally fulfilled within 1-5 business days but please note that addresses located outside major metro regions may experience longer delivery times.

Warranty, Returns & Refunds

All our kids' ride ons come with a 12-month warranty. For detailed warranty information, kindly refer to the product manual provided with your purchase.

Should you need to request a return or make a warranty claim, our customer service team is readily available to assist you. You can reach us at 1300 456 283 or via email at warranty@kahuna.com.au. We value your satisfaction and are here to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.