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Kahuna Blizzard Trampolines

Say hello to the Blizzard — our most stable and sturdy trampoline ever. With ground anchors and a triple-galvanized steel frame, it’s built strong for the whole family to enjoy!

Our sturdiest trampoline yet

Experience the ultimate in trampolining with our Blizzard Trampoline series. Engineered for superior stability, its robust triple galvanized steel frame guarantees unmatched strength and weather resistance. The high carbon springs provide an exhilarating bounce, while ensuring lasting performance. Safety and durability converge in this cutting-edge series, promising endless moments of fun and excitement for the whole family!

Built to withstand the elements and consistent jumping fun!

Boasting a spacious mat, the Kahuna Blizzard Trampoline offers ample room for thrilling leaps and bounds. Built to withstand high-intensity jumping, it's built for the most energetic adventurers. Embrace versatility as this trampoline doubles as an ideal platform for jump workouts and gymnastics, catering to fitness enthusiasts and aspiring athletes alike. Elevate your playtime and fitness routines with the Blizzard series, where excitement and functionality unite seamlessly.

Strong construction and safety guaranteed

Prepare for worry-free fun with our Blizzard Trampolines as they are designed with safety as the foremost priority. The anti-graze flat-rolled mat ensures smooth bouncing while the UV-stabilised padding offers essential protection from the elements. With a zip-and-clip safety lock, parents can rest assured knowing their loved ones are secure during playtime. The heavy-duty secure-grip clamps further reinforce the strong construction, providing extra stability. Combined with high-quality steel springs, this trampoline guarantees a secure and enjoyable experience, where safety meets adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

With an impressive range from 80kg to 150kg, depending on the size you choose, these trampolines cater to everyone from young jumpers to adults seeking high-flying thrills. Experience the joy of bouncing without limits, knowing our Blizzard series is built to accommodate varying weights, ensuring an inclusive and exhilarating trampolining adventure for all.

Absolutely! Safety is our top priority. Blizzard Trampolines come equipped with various safety features, including an anti-graze flat rolled mat, UV Stabilised padding, a zip-and-clip safety lock, and heavy-duty secure-grip clamps. These features provide peace of mind for parents, making them safe and suitable for kids' playtime.

Yes, definitely! Blizzard Trampolines are not only perfect for recreational bouncing but also doubles as an ideal platform for jump workouts and gymnastics. Its strong construction, including high-quality steel springs, allows for high-intensity jumping and provides the support needed for various fitness routines.

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