9 Fantastic Benefits of Swinging for Kids

9 Fantastic Benefits of Swinging for Kids

Want your kids to have fun while also boosting their physical and cognitive development? Well, the swing set may just be your answer.

A Kahuna swing set in a garden

This piece of outdoor play equipment can be found in nearly every playground, often surrounded by groups of kids impatiently waiting for their turn. It elicits laughter, adrenaline, and an unmatched feeling of rejuvenation for those who use it…the swing!

Although many people think of nothing but fun when it comes to swinging, there are so many physical, social, emotional and developmental benefits that come with this form of unstructured play.

Read on to learn about the benefits of swinging that happen behind the scenes of this joyful activity!

1. Motor coordination

Simultaneously holding on to the swing ropes while pumping your legs and maintaining a proper posture requires motor coordination. Swinging develops fine motor skills, including grip strength and hand coordination, because the action requires using multiple muscle groups at once.

2. Core muscles and balance

To stay upright on the swing, kids must engage their core and maintain their balance while seated. Over time, this use of abdominal muscles increases core strength and develops their balance.

3. Imagination

Two happy kids hanging upside down

One of the underrated benefits of swinging is that it fosters a kid’s imagination and helps them to become more creative. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to pretend they’re flying as they pump their legs and swing! The thrilling sensation and adrenaline that comes with swinging stimulate their creative side. So, don’t be surprised if your kids come up with their own game that you’ve never heard of after their swinging session!

4. Laughter and social skills

Swings are often arranged in a horizontal row, which makes swinging a great way for kids to interact and socialize. Oftentimes you hear kids explaining to each other a new move that they’ve just learned or even helping each other out in executing the new move.

Remarks like ‘look at this twist I can do!’ or ‘let’s see who can swing higher!’ actually lead to improved social skills, tons of laughter and new friends being made!

Due to the popularity of the swing, you will often find a line-up of kids waiting for their turn. This means that kids have to learn how to share and take turns while also practising patience, which extends to the realm of social skill development.

5. Increased attention span

With many kids spending an alarming amount of time on their screens and watching short-form videos online, parents have the valid concern that their kids may have a decreased attention span over time.

If you’re worried about this, consider getting your kids a swing set for the backyard as it can help them to focus. Swinging is also highly recommended for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) since it helps kids refocus their brains to engage in structured movement. Over time, this helps improve their attention span.

6. Stress relief

A young boy swinging in his backyard

Ever noticed how babies have an easy time falling asleep when you rock them in your arms? It’s because the motion of swinging has a calming effect. This same effect happens to kids when they swing since the motion calms their nervous system while releasing endorphins into the body.

If you have children with special needs or ones that are particularly anxious, swinging can be a great way to help calm them down and get them ready to unwind, especially before bedtime!

7. More time spent outside

The importance of getting enough Vitamin D is widely understood, but it can be hard to achieve the recommended dose given all the time spent indoors. Thankfully, outdoor swing sets can get nearly any kid off the couch and outdoors, which helps them reap the benefits of outdoor play while getting enough Vitamin D.

8. Improved sensory skills

When children swing outside, they have the opportunity to develop five sensory skills, namely:

  • Proprioception — This sense is developed as the kid uses their whole body to execute the controlled movement of swinging
  • Vestibular system — The vestibular sense is developed as swinging requires total body awareness and balance
  • Touch — Gripping on the swing ropes develops their sense of touch
  • Hearing — Kids must listen to others around them in the playground and learn to be attentive and caring to their friends’ needs
  • Sight — Swinging requires kids to be aware of how high they are and to adjust their motions accordingly

This is in contrast to indoor activities that only develop the two sensory skills of sight and hearing.

9. Exercise

Believe it or not, swinging isn’t easy. Just try it for yourself if you don’t remember what it was like as a kid! That said, the motions of swinging get the heart pumping and the body sweating. It’s an easy way for kids to meet their unique activity needs regardless of their age group.

Let’s get swinging!

So…the verdict is clear — swinging ranks as one of the top outdoor play activities that have benefits on all spectrums, ranging from physical to emotional and more!

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