8 Awesome Health Benefits of Trampolines for Kids

8 Awesome Health Benefits of Trampolines for Kids

Trampolines offer much more than just fun! Read on to learn about the amazing trampoline health benefits that your kids can start experiencing today.

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Ah, trampolines…this classic outdoor play equipment is a source of joy for kids worldwide. When most people think of trampolines, they think of outdoor fun, smiling faces and a really great time. Many are surprised to know that there is much more to this piece of equipment than what meets the eye.

Did you know that trampolines offer many physical and mental benefits for kids? Learn about the amazing benefits that trampolining offers and how your kids can reap these benefits while having a blast! 

1. Reduces stress 

You might be thinking…what do kids have going on in their lives to stress about? The reality is that folks of all ages experience stress and anxiety, including kids! 

Trampolining helps kids reduce stress by redirecting their focus and attention to something different. Jumping on a trampoline requires a certain level of concentration, which helps children tune out any worries they may have.

2. Releases endorphins and makes kids happier

There’s a reason you see nothing but smiling faces and giggles when kids are trampolining! Jumping on a trampoline stimulates kids’ bodies to release endorphins, also known as ‘the happy hormone.’ For kids with sensory issues and special needs, trampolining can be especially soothing and calming, helping them feel happier and at ease after a long day.

A happy young boy in front of an outdoor trampoline

3. Gets the kids off the screen and outside

One of the top trampoline benefits is screen time reduction. Many parents can relate to the struggle of begging the kids to ditch the screens for once and go play outside. A kids’ trampoline takes this headache away since it convinces kids to visit the backyard and soak up the sunshine!

4. Increases Vitamin D

When kids get outside and jump on a trampoline, they are exposed to sunlight which raises their Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency is more common than you think, and its effects can range from muscle pain to more serious conditions as kids grow older. 

The Vitamin D Council mentions that getting enough Vitamin D helps kids to improve their immune system, muscle function, brain development and more. This trampoline health benefit means fewer sick days and more energy for the kids.

A young boy with outstretched arms enjoying the weather outdoors

5. Great exercise and keeps the kids active

Regular exercise is crucial to kids’ health and development needs. The Australian guidelines for physical activity and exercise recommend that children and young people between the ages of 5-17 should aim for:

  • At least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity that gets the heart beating faster each day
  • 60 minutes of vigorous activity to strengthen their bones and muscles at least 3 days per week

The above guidelines may seem unachievable to some parents, but luckily, trampolining makes it easy peasy! In fact, research shows that trampolining is a more effective form of exercise than running when it comes to decreasing fat, increasing maximum oxygen consumption and raising the heart rate. 

6. Improves coordination and motor skills development

Does your kid seem ‘clumsy’? Do they struggle with movement? This can be a sign of coordination and motor skill problems — a challenge that many kids face. The good news is that a trampoline can help with that.

A trampoline benefits and supports the development of gross motor skills, which are responsible for helping kids do movements that use many large muscles and appendages at the same time. How? Well, jumping on a trampoline requires a level of coordination. This means that kids need to jump while simultaneously maintaining balance and concentration.

A mom and daughter smiling while flexing their arms

7. Better performance at school 

Jumping on a trampoline benefits kids by helping them do well in school. Because trampolining improves core strength and posture, it helps kids sit for longer periods of time in class without being distracted and losing focus due to discomfort. If you remember that feeling of sitting in class watching the clock and waiting for recess so you can get up and move around, it’s likely because you didn’t have the physical strength to sit for that time frame.

Additionally, when kids jump on a trampoline, blood and oxygen circulate to the brain which helps the mind stay alert and focused. This aids in improving memory and concentration.

8. Improves confidence and self-esteem 

We can all relate to the feeling of failing at a task many times and having our confidence shrink. With trampolining, kids may tumble down a few times before gaining the ability to coordinate the movements correctly. 

This practice teaches them that they can achieve what they set their minds to if they stay persistent. In a way, trampolining also helps kids gain the skill of slowly overcoming their fears, which can translate to other environments. For example, they may slowly begin to bounce higher, despite being hesitant or scared at first. Often times you hear kids say things like ‘look at how high I can jump!’ which is evidence of their self-esteem and confidence.

See for yourself!

The trampoline benefits listed above are just a few of many. If you have kids or grandkids, getting them a trampoline is a surefire way to make them happy and keep both their minds and bodies healthy!

That said, there are loads of trampoline options to choose from, and it choosing the best one can be overwhelming. We’ve put together the Kahuna Trampoline Buying Guide to make the process easier for you. You can choose from our wide selection of trampolines in Australia or design your own custom trampoline!

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