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Kahuna Classic Trampoline

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Design the best trampoline just for you

Customised trampolines will be created, packed and shipped within 24 hours! Please allow one business day if you select to collect your order from our warehouse.
LED Basketball set

Optional LED Basketball set:

Watch your children have awesome fun at night with the Kahuna LED basketball set!
The ball has built in lights that flash when it bounces, and the ring has a sensor that will flash the LED lights around the ring when they score!
Trampoline roof cover

Optional Removable Roof:

Made from 90% UV-Block shade sail material - exclusive to Kahuna!
This optional shade roof will provide protection from the sun and can be removed when not required. Designed to block sun but let water through so it will not fill with rain water.
Safety Padding

Spring Safety Padding:

The padding cover your trampoline is UV stabilised and has an embedded nylon mesh ensuring it will last for years under the harsh Australian sun.
Safety Net

Safety Enclosure:

The Kahuna safety net features a very finely woven, super strong nylon mesh, ensuring even the tiniest of fingers won't get caught.
Jumping Mat

Kahuna Jumping Mats:

Kahuna jumping mats are hot-rolled after manufacture to ensure the smoothest possible surface to protect against grazing and slide-burns while maintaining their strength and safety.

Trampoline Springs:

This trampoline is supplied with high tensile springs which have been zinc plated to ensure long-term protection against rust and corrosion.
Zip Lock Entrance

Enclosure entrance:

Kahuna trampolines are supplied with safety nets with a zip entrance with the dual protection of clip-locks for extra strength and safety.
Anchor Kit

Optional Anchor Kit

This anchor kit has two ground screw pegs and straps which help prevent your trampoline moving on dirt and grass ground.
Kahuna trampolines are great way to get kids off those electronic devices and outside to burn off some of that energy.

Featuring an inner safety net around the mat, separating the jumping area from the padded springs, this trampoline gives children the ultimate in safety and great peace of mind for you.
Kahuna trampolines are a great way to improve gross motor skills and coordination in younger children PLUS they're great for when family and friends with children visit.

This is a heavy trampoline and uses linked legs for superior stability. The structure of the legs also minimises the tendency for legs to dig into the ground.

The padding cover of the trampoline is UV stabilised and has embedded nylon mesh, ensuring the padding will last for years under the harsh Australian sun.


  • Heavy duty black steel frame
  • Anti-Graze flat-rolled mat
  • UV-stabilised & tear resistant padding
  • Superior bounce and water resistance
  • Safety net with D shaped zipper for easy entrance
  • Triple rated high carbon springs

Safety Instructions: Trampoline must be installed on a flat, solid, level surface & be properly secured in the event of windy conditions. Trampoline MUST NOT BE installed on stones, gravel, crushed rock, sand, uneven grass, uneven concrete, soft or loose surfaces. Improper installation or usage not in accordance with these instructions may result in serious injury and/or damage to the product, voiding all implied and express warranties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Kahuna Trampoline 3D Designer?

The Kahuna Trampoline 3D Designer is the world’s first app that lets you create your own trampoline — all in an amazing 3D engine. With hundreds of possible combinations, it’s the best way to shop for trampolines online in Australia!

Do I need to be on my computer to use the 3D Designer?

Not at all! You can customise your trampoline on your tablet or phone. We recommend using a larger screen for a more immersive designing experience.

How do I design my own Kahuna trampoline?

Create your dream Kahuna trampoline by following these steps:

  • Choose your model — Classic, Twister (Springless) or Blizzard.
  • Choose your trampoline size.
  • Choose your pad colour.
  • Choose your jump mat.
  • Add any trampoline accessories you wish.
  • To check your design in 3D, drag your finger or cursor around the screen. You can also zoom in to see all the details!
  • Happy with your design? Click on “Add to Cart.”
  • Check out or continue browsing our other products!

What is the difference between the Kahuna Classic, Twister and Blizzard?

Kahuna Classic vs. Kahuna Blizzard

Kahuna Classic and Blizzard trampolines use coil springs for excellent rebound. That said, there are a few differences between these models:

  • Enclosed rebound system on the Blizzard vs. enclosed bounce area on the Classic
  • Slide-on net on the Blizzard vs. curved-away poles on the Classic
  • Triple-galvanised steel on the Blizzard vs. powder-coated steel frame on the Classic
  • Five sizes available for Blizzard vs. six for Classic

Kahuna Twister

The Kahuna Twister uses high-strength elastic bands for a totally springless design. Similar to the Blizzard, the rebound system is enclosed within the net.

Spring vs. Springless

Families looking for a bouncy trampoline will love the Classic or Blizzard, both of which use a coil spring rebound system. The steel springs provide excellent tension, perfect for practising big jumps and tricks.

Families with younger children will enjoy the Kahuna Twister, which provides added peace of mind with its springless design. The elastic springs offer a gentler bounce that’s suitable for users of all ages.

Can I customise an oval or rectangle trampoline?

Currently, you cannot customise our oval and rectangle trampolines in the 3D Designer.

What accessories can I add to my Kahuna trampoline?

Here at Kahuna, you’ll find a wide range of kids trampoline accessories to make outdoor play more exciting! Our current selection includes:

  • trampoline basketball set
  • E.D. basketball set with light-up ball
  • roof shade
  • ladder
  • mesh storage compartment
  • ground anchor kit

Note that you cannot use the roof shade and basketball kits at the same time.

How long will it take to receive my customised trampoline?

Your customised trampoline will be created, packed and shipped within 24 hours. Most deliveries take between 1–5 business days, but longer delivery times can be expected for addresses outside major metro areas. You may refer to your order tracking link for more information.

Please allow one business day if you select to collect your order from our Melbourne warehouse. We will notify you via text or email when your trampoline is ready for collection.

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