Get Your Kids to Play Outside More With These Simple Tips

Get Your Kids to Play Outside More With These Simple Tips

Can’t pry your kids away from the TV? These tips are as easy as 1-2-3!

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With our kids spending more and more time in front of a screen, many of us are looking for ways to get them moving and playing — preferably outdoors. After all, playing outside is not only fun; it also offers loads of mental, physical and emotional health benefits.

While encouraging outdoor play can sometimes be a struggle (given that phones and video games have taken over), with the right strategies, you’ll look outside your kitchen window and see your kids playing outside in no time! Here are 3 tips to encourage outdoor play for kids:

Tip #1: Set a timer for screen time

Now let’s be honest…going from spending hours a day playing on a tablet to not having access to any device can be harsh on children.

Most kids aren’t fond of the ‘cold turkey’ approach and it can come off as a punishment. Instead, why not set a timer for a maximum amount of screen time per day?

Eventually, your kids will realise that there are other ways to have fun — such as dribbling a basketball and practising trick shots. Or better yet, making friends with the neighbours’ kids and arranging a sports match!

Tip #2: Provide them with fun outdoor toys

Two words: new toys.

The best way to entice kids away from the TV is to design a kid-friendly backyard with outdoor play equipment they’ll love.

Children enjoy a variety of activities but a crowd-pleaser that has been around for a while and is here to stay — the trampoline — is sure to win them over.

Consider a trampoline as a wonderful addition to your backyard collection, especially if you have multiple kids! Kahuna offers a large collection of kidstrampolines depending on your needs, with the option to design your own.

This could be a project you involve your kids in!

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Tip #3: Make it about family time

Family time is not only for the weekend! Set a few minutes aside each day to enjoy the outdoors with your kids.

For example, you can have a 5-minute match before dinner to see who can score the most basketballs. Just install an adjustable basketball hoop in your yard and challenge the kids to a match! Playing basketball requires virtually no setup (once the stand is installed), making it easier for your kids to choose between watching TV and being outside.

Whether your kids are aged 5 or 12, outdoor play equipment is always a great investment. Would you rather your kids look back at their childhood with memories of staring at a screen or fond moments of playing outside and enjoying laughs with Mum and Dad? We’ll let you decide!

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