Frequently Asked Questions

General Trampoline FAQs

How much space do I need around a trampoline?

You need a clearance of at least 8 metres above and 2 metres around the trampoline regardless of its size. Before use, make sure to remove loose items or toys around the trampoline’s perimeter. You must also keep the space under the trampoline free from obstructions.

What size trampoline should I get?

Kahuna offers a wide range of trampolines for sale.

When choosing a trampoline size, consider the following factors:

  • The size of your yard — remember that you need a 2-metre clearance all around the trampoline.
  • The age, height and weight of the users — check the trampoline’s weight capacity (found in the listing specifications) to make sure that it can support each user.

What is the recommended age for trampolines?

Children 6 years old and above can jump on a full-sized trampoline (6ft and bigger). For children aged 3–5, we recommend purchasing a toddler trampoline such as the Kahuna Mini.

Adult supervision is required at all times when the trampoline is in use.

Where should a trampoline be placed?

Trampolines must be installed and used on a shock-absorbent, level surface, e.g. lawn or bark.

Do NOT install or use your trampoline on stones, gravel, crushed rock, sand, uneven grass, uneven concrete or any loose surface.

Make sure that the area above and around your trampoline is free from potential hazards. These include walls, fences, trees and other toys or equipment.

Are trampolines difficult to assemble?

Most trampolines can be assembled at home by two adults with no special tools needed.

Before assembly, check that you have all the parts (listed in the manual), and wear closed shoes for safety.

What is the difference between spring and springless trampolines?

Conventional trampolines get their bounce from the coil springs that connect the mat to the frame. A safe, well-designed trampoline should have thick padding over the springs to prevent any potential injuries. Classic and bouncy, these are the trampolines of choice for most Australian families.

Springless trampolines, on the other hand, use elastic straps or rods instead of conventional springs. This results in a gentler bounce that is easy on the knees. Rebound systems vary between different models, so check with the manufacturer to confirm how the product works.

How many kids can jump on a trampoline at the same time?

Only one user should be on the trampoline at a time. Jumping with others can lead to collisions and injury, especially in young children. An adult should always be present to enforce safe trampoline use.

What should you not do on a trampoline?

Do not:

  • jump with pets or other users.
  • allow more than one child on the trampoline at a time.
  • attempt somersaults without proper training.
  • use the trampoline when the jumping mat is wet.
  • use the trampoline when there are loose items around or under it.
  • use the trampoline without its safety enclosure and padding.
  • jump from the entrance to the ground. Always use a trampoline ladder.
  • use the trampoline as a springboard to other objects.

How much weight can a trampoline hold?

Weight capacity varies between trampoline models and manufacturers. To give you a general idea, here is a table showing Kahuna trampolines’ weight ratings:

Trampoline Size

Rainbow, Classic & Pro


Twister (Springless)

























How often should I replace the safety net on my trampoline?

You should replace your trampoline enclosure at least once a year. Remember to check the net for tears, holes or loose threads before every use.

Kahuna Trampolines

What shapes do your trampolines come in?

Kahuna trampolines come in three shapes: round, rectangle and oval. Our Classic, Blizzard and Twister models are all round, with sizes ranging from 6ft to 16ft.

If you are looking for a unique backyard bouncer, we recommend our rectangle and oval trampolines.

What size is a Kahuna trampoline?

Dimensions vary across our wide trampoline collection. Please visit the product page to find the exact measurements for each trampoline. The dimensions can be found in the ‘specifications’ section or in the photo gallery as a graphic.

How tall is a Kahuna trampoline?

Our trampolines range in height from 156cm for the 4.5ft mini to 279cm for our 16ft Blizzard. Please refer to the product page for the exact dimensions.

Are replacement parts available from Kahuna?

Yes. We carry spare parts for all our trampolines, including jumping mats, safety pads, enclosures, poles and more. Visit our accessories section to view all our trampoline spare parts for sale.

Are your trampolines spring-based or springless?

Our range includes both spring-based and springless trampolines.

Our spring-based trampolines include:

For those who want a springless trampoline, the Kahuna Twister is a great choice.

Are your rainbow trampolines springless?

No. Our signature Rainbow trampolines use a coil-spring rebound system. However, our Twister Springless trampolines can be purchased with rainbow padding for an extra colourful touch.

Do you customise trampolines?

Our interactive 3D Designer lets you customise your Kahuna trampoline and get it delivered straight to your doorstep. Try the app today and let us know what you think!

Warranty, Returns & Refunds

How long is your warranty period?

We offer a 12-month warranty starting from the date of purchase on all our trampolines. This warranty does not cover (unless required under the Australian Consumer Law):

  • Rips and tears in nets
  • General wear and tear on the pole protectors
  • General wear and tear on the jump mat
  • Free gifts or bonus items supplied with the main product

For more information on our warranties, you may refer to our Terms and Conditions page.

How do I lodge a warranty claim?

To make a warranty claim, you may call us on 1300 456 283 or email

What if the product arrives damaged or has missing parts?

Products that arrive with existing defects or missing parts are covered under the standard warranty. Damages must be reported to us via email or phone within 7 days of delivery. The following terms and conditions apply:

  • Cuts or scratches caused by opening cartons with blades are not covered under warranty.
  • We may require that you return or take pictures of the damaged item or parts. Please do not return products to us without our approval.

The Australian Consumer Law provides consumer guarantees separate from this warranty. These consumer guarantees may vary depending on the price and quality of the product and may extend past the supplier’s warranty.

For more information on our warranties, visit our Terms & Privacy Policy.

Shipping and Delivery

When will my new trampoline arrive?

Most deliveries take between 1–5 business days, but longer delivery times can be expected for addresses outside major metro areas. Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee delivery by specific times or dates. Please refer to our Payment & Delivery page for more information.

Can I pick up my order?

Yes. Select "Pickup" as your delivery method during checkout and we will send you an email and/or text message as soon as your goods are ready to collect, along with instructions and pickup location details.

How much will it cost to ship to my location?

To calculate the shipping cost, simply go to your Cart and type your postcode in the shipping calculator. It will instantly display the shipping fee, which will then be added to your total if you opt for delivery.