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Paddle Board Accessories

Kahuna stand up paddle boards include all the essentials for an amazing paddling experience. We carry all the essentials, from adjustable paddles, pumps and safety leashes to centre fins, repair kits and a durable backpack. Just pick a breathtaking destination and you're all set!

Enhance your stand up paddle boarding experience

By using the right SUP accessories, you can enhance the safety, performance, comfort and convenience of your paddle board. Not only do SUP accessories enhance your overall experience but they also make it easier and safer for you to explore new locations, take on different water conditions and make lasting memories on the water!

SUP necessities

The essential accessories for stand up paddle boarding include a paddle, leash, fin and a pump for inflatable paddle boards. These accessories ensure a safe and enjoyable paddle boarding experience while taking into account individual needs and environmental conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these accessories compatible with all stand up paddle boards?

While many accessories are designed to work with different stand up paddle boards, it's generally a safer bet to stick with accessories from the same brand as your board. That way, you can be sure they'll fit perfectly and work seamlessly together. So, when it's time to gear up, consider sticking with your board's brand for accessories and enjoy safe paddling fun on the water!

Why is a leash important for stand up paddle boarding?

A leash is an essential accessory as it not only keeps you connected to your board but also ensures safety. In the event of a fall, the leash prevents your board from drifting away, making it easier to retrieve and avoiding potential hazards to yourself or others in the water. So, strap on that leash and enjoy a worry-free paddle boarding adventure!

Can I use any pump to inflate my stand up paddle board?

When it's time to inflate your stand up paddle board, it's better to use a high-output pump specifically designed for the task. These specialised pumps are not only efficient but also make it quick and easy to reach the proper inflation pressure. So, you can spend less time pumping and more time enjoying the water!

What is a repair kit and why should I have one?

A repair kit typically includes materials like adhesive patches and a valve wrench, which are useful for fixing minor damages or punctures on inflatable boards. Having a repair kit on hand allows you to quickly repair any small rips and tears that may arise during your paddling activities.

Have more questions?

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